Why I’m Here

What do you find inspiring? Me… I find other people’s stories inspiring. I find it amazing to see women and men who have risen above their circumstances to make themselves better. This blog is how I am getting myself to happy. It all started when I decided two things need to happen after I turned 23. I need to whip my ass into shape and dig myself out of the molehill of debt I have created. Ultimately starting with the two issues that have plague me for most of my adult life (over weight & debt) it has started to shape a better me.

First thing I did was hire a nutritionist/trainer to help me work on the hardest thing in my life; my diet. I am a full blown celiac. Bread and me do not mix. But that doesn’t mean I stopped eating bread. Oh no. I learned when I was 19 that I was no longer allowed to eat the one thing in this world that made me happy… pizza. I love pizza. My ex roommate and I used to go to the same pizza place so often that they knew our names and orders… embarrassing!
But this isn’t just about weight loss… nope. Why tackle one terribly hard thing without tackling something equally as hard? Being 23, I have acquired debt from the following things; post secondary, partying, shopping and any time anything got emotional. That last one probably confuses you. Well, I don’t like feelings. Actually I’m pretty terrible with them. Girls think I have the mentality of a guy and guys think I’m girly. I have about two emotions; the normal happy Allie and the angry Allie. There’s no crying Allie. And if she ever does make an appearance, it’s usually in the shower with a lot of water running so that I can pretend that I was just showering. Yeah I’m a little screwed up but that’s ok. Aren’t we all in this day and age?
So come along with me as I work my butt off to get into shape and whip my wallet back to a manageable size. Sometimes I’ll talk about the past and events that lead me here and sometimes it’ll be things that I’m doing to work on myself. Either way, it’s bound to be hilarious 🙂
Till next time!

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